Tuesday, April 21

33 week doctors appointment.

yesterday, we had our 33 week appt and an ultrasound.  they don’t usually do an ultrasound at this point but the little man (we may have to start using a new name!) was measuring big!  just what a mum wants to hear :)  we started with the ultrasound and i was a little nervous when i was watching the us tech putting different measurements in because some of them were coming back in the 34-35 week range.  the scariest one – his head – came back measuring at 36 weeks!!!  the radiologist estimated his weight at 5.3 pounds!!! we have joked that i will have the michelin baby because of how huge i was but apparently it might be true! 

everything else checked out perfectly normal and my doctor didn’t seem terribly concerned with his size at this point.  she did say there was no way she would let me go past my due date which was music to my ears!  at one point she even said, “i want you pregnant 2-3 more weeks and then i don’t care what happens.”  what brian heard was, “ you might have your kid in 2-3 weeks” and he started to look a little concerned :)  poor daddy!!  there’s still lots to get done before our little guy gets here – showers, hanging curtains once they’re done, getting his crib ready to go, making sure we have the necessities, packing our bags, etc.  we know that he will come when he is ready and that ready or not, he will be here and we will love him more than we ever thought possible!  soooo, here’s to hoping he comes soon, but not too soon ;)

our little man – he’s looking a little squished in there!!CRISP,AMY20090420090658845 CRISP,AMY20090420090733425

first baby shower.

this past saturday, i had my first baby shower!!  ali, laura, ashley, & sara were the hostesses and it was great!  the only downside was the weather.  a monsoon swept through southeast texas saturday afternoon and left a lot of people stranded.  streets and houses were flooded everywhere!!  unfortunately, my shower started in the middle of the storm so everyone who was able to get to ali’s house ended up getting soaked.  other shower-goers were stranded on the roadways and others never even got a chance to get on the road because their neighborhoods were flooded. some went home to find houses and cars flooded.  it sure made for a memorable shower (in more ways than one!) & thank you to everyone who was able to make it!!


DSC_0124the cake & cake table. DSC_0123 jenn, laura, mrs. ramsey, mum, & me.DSC_0131ali & i. DSC_0136the little man & mckenna “kissing” – don’t let her daddy see!!! DSC_0139opening pressies – my parents got the little man his first teddy bear.  how cute!
i’m making the strange face because i just saw what my dad named the bear on his birth cetificate - “armstrong".”  apparently it’s a nasa name :)
 DSC_0148ali cutting the cake with my ginormous belly looking on :)  DSC_0167

instead of cards, everyone brought a book for the little guy to enjoy.  what a fun idea!! now his library is well on its way!  brian & i love to read so i have no doubt these books will get TONS of use!

my shower was amazing & we received such fun gifts for the little man!!  thank you for everything!! we are so blessed to have such loving friends and family!!

Wednesday, April 8

eight amazing years.

brian & i have been together for 8 years today!!  it’s crazy thinking that eight years ago, we were goofy college freshman and today, we are married with our first little one on the way. 

the best part of it is that i am so much more in love with him now than i ever thought possible eight years ago and i know it will only grow as i see what a great daddy he will be :)

happy anniversary stinky!  i can’t wait to see what will happen in our next eight years…

i love you!


brian & amy in times square.

Tuesday, April 7

puppies swimming (& my belly:)).

this past sunday, we took the girls swimming at cc & grumps house.  rylea absolutely loves swimming in the pool and we were wondering how addie would do since she is finally getting into the lake on her own.  she still wasn’t convinced of going further than the first step but that is better than before when she refused to get in at all!  the girls had a blast & were pooped from chasing the frisbee.  i also got a lovely sunburn out of the deal – oops!

incidentally, there are a few pics of my belly these days.  we have been TERRIBLE about taking pictures of my expanding belly as we go along (stop laughing ali & laura:)) so my awesome father-in-law caught a few while he was taking shots of his grandpuppies playing.  enjoy!










Thursday, April 2

nanny’s visit.

this past weekend, my mum came down and stayed with us while dad was in dallas for a rotary event.  she also brought my yellow lab, peaches, and my brother’s heinz 57 mutt, baley.  poor brian had 7 girls in his house :)  mum and i spent the day saturday shopping, getting the rest of the fabric together to give to our friend who is making the little man’s bedding, and eating at our favorite seafood restaurant, outriggers.  by the end of the weekend, everyone was pooped!!  mum and i were able to make some mini-bumpers for a mini rocking crib my great-grandfather, pa burl, made.  this crib has been used for my uncle ben (who is 7 years older than me), me, james, and my cousins brooks, lindsey, and jackson.  now it is the little man’s turn!! can you believe 3 generations so far have used it?!?!  anyway, back to the bumpers, mum and i aren’t sewing gurus so it was bound to be interesting but we were able to get them done in a few hours and we were impressed with ourselves.  i will post pictures once i have attached the ribbons used to tie them to the crib. 

i don’t think anyone was more pooped than the puppies…

rylea helping nanny knit a sweater for her little brother.IMG_2585 peaches curled up in one of rylea & addie’s beds.IMG_2588 addie on her couch – just missing daddy to snuggle with.IMG_2590 peaches crashed in the middle of the floor.IMG_2591 rylea on her couch – just missing mummy to snuggle with.IMG_2592 rylea & her daddy snuggling.IMG_2594 addie & her daddy snuggling.IMG_2599

notice there are only pictures of 3 dogs on here.  that is because my brother’s dog, baley, is a little on the anti-social side of life.  don’t get me wrong, she “plays” with the other dogs when she feels like it but most of the time, she is off somewhere by herself – either outside or in the guest room on the dog bed.  we love her to death but rylea & addie are a bit much for her sometimes and it’s best to just leave her be.  anyway, our two are still recovering from entertaining all weekend.  they thought they were in doggie heaven when they woke up saturday morning and their nanny was still there to see them.  i wonder how they’re going to handle everyone coming over to see the little man once he’s born :)  it ought to be interesting to say the least!  they are such sweet babies!

ps…ryleaquinn & addison savannah turned two on monday and cadbury turned 5 (it truly is rylea & caddy’s birthday – we don’t know addie’s for sure but decided to just keep it the same day to make it a little easier).  it’s also easy because it is my little brother’s birthday too!!! he is officially 24 – getting up there ;) 

Wednesday, April 1

daddy’s been busy.

brian has been put in charge of painting the nursery (this is the same brian that refused to touch a paintbrush in any other room in the house so this is a big deal!).  we decided on navy & lime green for the little man’s room.  the nursery will be in what was the guest room – the same guest room that was painted in tiffany-blue-like colours.  we decided to paint stripes on one wall, and navy blue on the bottom of the other three with white on top and a white chair rail in the middle.  this past weekend, he finished all but the chair rail and it looks great!  i thought i had taken a picture once we pulled the tape off but apparently i didn’t so i’ll have to add that one later.  here’s the proof that brian actually has painted a room in our house (and did quite a good job if i do say so myself :) – love you honey!)…

daddy’s working hard.IMG_2576the stripes look REALLY good with the tape off :)
too bad i haven’t gotten a picture of that yet.IMG_2586

weim fest.

a few weekends ago (when it was cold & rainy :( ), we went to weim fest at a park in pearland.  it’s a weim get-together for the weimaraner rescue of north texas – the rescue organization we got addie from.  we have been SOOOO incredibly happy with them and with our little addison and would recommend them to anyone.  we went hoping to see addie’s foster parent, jim & carol, but unfortunately, they weren’t able to make it out there.  the girls were able to run and play with about 20 other weims.  it was soooo fun.  we would’ve stayed out longer but the cold started to get to us.  here are some pics (all are under the pavilion – i didn’t want to take the camera out into the rain when all the weim babies went and played)…

rylea is on the far left and addie is next to her.IMG_2561 “mummy – we’re not so sure we want to go out in that rain…” IMG_2563
weimies everywhere.
daddy – why do all these puppies look like us?? we’re still the cutest right??”IMG_2574