Thursday, June 30

Tuesday, June 28

big boy drink.

e had his first slushie from sonic yesterday & LOVED it! he may or may not have poked a hole in the side of his styrofoam cup while it was still full...oh well! a quick transfer to a water bottle solved that problem!

so tired.

aj fell asleep mid rattle in the car yesterday...

we < cars.

Saturday, June 25

melts my heart.

we went out to eat at 5 guys because i was just wanting it! their burgers are amazing and the fries are to die for!! love, love them!! after evan had inhaled his burger and some fries, he grabbed the bowl that avery’s pears were in and the spoon. i thought for sure he was going to take a bite but instead, he got some on the spoon and proceeded to feed his little sister! the amazing part was that he was really good at it! she thought it was hilarious too and would open her mouth for him. when she would look away, he would sat “abry” and then click his tongue like i do when i’m trying to get her attention. i can honestly say i didn’t realize i did this but now i do!! after the pears were gone, he grabbed her green beans and they finished those off as well! i think we may have found a new job for mister evan :)


Thursday, June 23

uncle james.

uncle james came home on his 2 week pre-deployment leave. while he was here, we kept him pretty busy!!!

it started with him getting home the night before evan’s birthday party. then it was the kiddos baptism on sunday, a family lunch, and then taking the boat and waverunner out sunday afternoon.

tuesday we met up with uncle james at the zoo. it was HOT but e had a blast!!! every time i mention uncle james now, evan says “zoo?” i think he thinks james lives there :)

{sorry, only cell phone pics}

we then spent the next weekend in galveston. tuesday, uncle james brought nanny down to her meeting at the christus hospital here and spent the afternoon with us. we played hard, went to swimming lessons, came back and ate dinner, and then it was bedtime.

wednesday, we met nanny and uncle james at the children’s museum and evan absolutely loved it! he would’ve stayed there and played all day if we had let him!!! poor uncle james chased him all over that place!


we then went to katy and spent the afternoon with uncle james befpre he headed back today. we had a blast uncle james & can’t wait to see you soon!!! love you!

big boy swim lessons.

evan has been taking swim lessons for awhile now but they have been parent/child classes. that is what we signed him up for this session but his teacher, miss toni, suggested he move up to the “penguin” class which would mean he would be by himself in the pool!! what a big boy!! we decided to put him in the classes during the day for the summer. i wasn’t sure how he would do but he was so good! he sat on the step when it wasn’t his turn and listened really well – especially for a 2 year old :)

sorry these pics aren’t great…i was taking them one handed while trying to entertain avery with the other hand…


so proud of our little water baby!


this last weekend, we headed to galveston with nanny, vanpa, and uncle james. we were trying to fit in a lot of “stuff” in the short time uncle james is here before deployment. evan has been to the beach every summer since he was born and has loved it every time. this was no exception! this was avery’s first beach trip and she seemed to like the water too!

friday night, we went to eat at gaidos and it was yummy as always!! this was a little pre-dinner cars watching…


sat morning, we slowly got around and headed down to the beach…


we spent the day down there and then headed to salsa’s for dinner. sunday morning, we took a short walk down the beach before deciding to head to the hotel pool for a swim. we then packed up and headed the 30 minutes up the road back to our house for naptime because that afternoon, we were taking out the boat and waverunner on the lake. we have been doing this the past few weekends and it’s been really nice! evan enjoys it as long as it’s not too choppy!! it was a fun, busy weekend that wore our two munchkins out!!!!

Monday, June 20

6 months.

time flew with evan but this is just ridiculous!!! 1/2 a year already?!?! guess it’s time to start planning her first birthday party :)

miss avery is just getting so big and we are loving seeing her personality come out!!

height: i’ll have to look at the dr’s paper and update it
weight: 18.5 lbs {i think}

avery is:

  • wearing a size 3 diaper finally and fills them out quite nicely:)
  • still wearing 9 and 12 month clothes. she could probably wear some 18 month clothes as well but she has so many under 12 month clothes that i haven’t felt the need to bust out the bigger ones.
  • eating like a big girl!! she is eating a fruit with cereal at breakfast, a veggie with cereal at lunch, and a fruit and veggie with cereal for dinner. she has basically tried just about everything we can think of. we’ll have to start look at moving her to the next stage of baby food. she takes a 4-6 ounce bottle between 530 and 630, a little milk at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and 4-6 ounces around 1030am, 2 or 3 in the afternoon, and then before bed. this varies but that’s pretty close to normal. i started giving her a bottle during the night because she was truly hungry and she would easily polish of 6-8 ounces but have stopped and she is now just getting some water when she wakes up. she has to wait until at least 5 to get milk – mean mummy!!
  • i tried to wean her from breastmilk recently because i started producing much less due to some medicine i had to take. unfortunately, we don’t think her tummy likes the formula too much – even the sensitive. i am in the process of trying to up my supply again and have gone off the medicine. she is doing much better with it! i am still supplementing with formula when she gets up and before bed but that doesn’t seem to bother her so we’ll stick with that for now!
  • is super happy and loves interacting with us!
  • loves bouncing in her bouncer and playing with her toys. i can’t believe how well she is able to play with her toys!
  • has started trying to steal toys from her brother. this does not go over well at all!! poor, sweet girl just wants to play!!
  • still gets in giggle fits with her brother. times like that, i just sit back and watch. hopefully i’ll be able to get it on camera one day.
  • still a drool machine! surely these teeth are coming soon!
  • able to wiggle just about anywhere she wants to get. if we lay her on her back, she will immediately flop over on her tummy and push up. it is seriously only a matter of time before she takes off.
  • because of above, she has started sleeping on her tummy. this was a hard decision with evan and was with her too but i waited until just before 6 months. she would flip herself over anyway {never had to worry about that with e :)} but half the time, she would get herself stuck halfway against the crib rails and would cry so we decided to cut that part out and just lay her on her belly.
  • talking. sort of anyway :) she started saying “dadadada” on father’s day. i think she knows just how to get her daddy wrapped around her finger. what she doesn’t know is that he already is ;)
  • sitting up fairly well on her own. she has been doing this for awhile now but we have to keep the boppy around her. she will randomly forget she is sitting up or will reach for something and will face plant so it provides a little cushion for her.
  • able to “stand” on her own if you hold her arms. she totally supports her weight. not sure if i should be encouraging this!
  • loving life in her big girl car seat!

love this chunky baby girl!!!


Friday, June 17