Thursday, August 29

potty training…FAIL.

i’m not going to lie…we have been putting potty training for avery off for a VERY long time! she has shown interest in going on the potty since at least a year ago. we finally decided to bite the bullet on sunday and prepared by going and let her pick out her big girl panties as well as picking up the potty pressies we use to reward her for going.

as soon as we got home from church sunday, we took off her pull-up and put her in panties. we stayed around the house, asked her every 15 minutes if she needed to go, etc and she did pretty well! she never told us she needed to go {although she did tell us she needed a potty pressieSmile} but she would go when we would make her and only had a few accidents at the very beginning.

monday, she started off the day having a few accidents while eating breakfast {in her defense, she just downed a sippy full of juice/water}. then we had a #2 accident but after that, it wasn’t horrible {I also wasn’t pushing her drink very much Smile}. she still wasn’t asking to go but would go when I made her. we had to run to target and home depot and she didn’t have an accident then so I was pretty pumped! I just figured we needed to work on letting me know when she needed to go and we’d be golden!

tuesday was similar to monday as far as accidents and she still wasn’t telling me she needed to go. we also had soccer practice for evan and she had an accident there about 4 seconds after I had asked her if she needed to go {frustrating!}

wednesday started off great with her going #2 on the potty for the first time but was also my breaking point. there were a few accidents in the morning, she did fine when we had to go to evan’s speech, and then had more accidents when we got home. she would have them right after I asked her if she wanted to go. she wouldn’t tell me she needed to go. she didn’t care AT ALL if she went in her panties. she would just keep going like it wasn’t there. that was when I decided enough was enough! I couldn’t force her to tell me she needed to go and if she went in her panties and just didn’t care, there was nothing I could do about it! so I threw in the towel! we will make another attempt in a few months and go from there! hopefully she’ll care a little more then Smile 

potty pressies…
first pair of big girl panties…
baby wedgie Smile

Sunday, August 25

blessing of the backpacks.

this morning we headed to church with backpacks in tow for the annual “blessing of the backpacks” church service. evan is really excited about school starting again but miss aj almost cannot contain herself! she is so excited about being a big girl and going to school just like bubba!

there were SO many kiddos at church this morning with their parents and I just pray that each of them constantly feels the prayers prayed over them today!

we tried to take some pics before church. these days, anything turns into ninja turtles!

back to normal before school.

both of the kiddos will start school next week so we’ve been taking these last couple of weeks before to enjoy a little downtime. don’t get me wrong, we’re still on the go quite a bit but it’s on our terms and not because we HAVE to be somewhere Smile 


missing july photos.

I just found a few pics on one of our cameras and these pics were too cute not to post!

some nights, avery insists on putting her baby to bed before we lay her down. it’s super cute when she involves her daddy Smile